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Via Marcurischio, 1 - 06055 Marsciano (Perugia) - Italy


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T +39 075 874 35 32 F +39 075 874 80 48




Via Marcurischio, 1 - 06055 Marsciano (Perugia) - Italy

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Arrival (Check-in)
Rooms will be available from 15:00 to 19:00, unless otherwise agreed. We recommend that you notify us of your arrival time at Oasi Villaggio in advance. This is COMPULSORY for arrivals on MONDAYS and if it falls outside normal reception hours; however, it is possible to deposit your luggage in advance.
Departures (Check-out)
Rooms must be vacated by 10:00, unless otherwise agreed.

Keys will be handed over to the customer on arrival on presentation of a voucher. In addition to the voucher, the customer must provide a suitable document certifying their identity: either an identity card or a passport for all the occupants.

The operator will otherwise have to refuse them hospitality (Article 109 of P.S. (Public Security) Laws as amended by Article 7, point 2 of Law 203/95).
The manager will also present a personal information declaration form to each incoming customer which the aforementioned must complete and sign (P.S. Law as amended by article 7, No. 4 of Law 203/95).
Geographical references and directions on how to reach the property are available on the website or, if requested, will be provided directly by us after the booking is confirmed. If the customer is unable to occupy the accommodation during the period booked due to difficulties with means of transport, errors or other personal reasons, there are no partial refunds for early departures or delayed arrivals.
Each accommodation can only be occupied by the number of people indicated for that specific accommodation unit. All guests are required to respect the Internal Regulations of the Accommodation Facility, stated in the illustrated brochure displayed.

1. General provisions 1.1 These general terms and conditions (hereinafter: GTCs) regulate the content of the agreements between the Accommodation Facility offering accommodation services (hereinafter: OASI) and the User (hereinafter: Guest) concluded via email, fax or post. The possibility of entering into specific agreements (Online Booking system) is not excluded, without prejudice to these general terms and conditions. 2. Conclusion of the contract and deposit

2.1 If a booking is made, a direct contractual relationship is established between OASI and the Guest governed by these GTCs
. 2.2 If requested at the time of booking, the Guest is required to pay OASI the total amount of the booking, or a deposit, by credit card, bank transfer or other means, as indicated in the booking information. This is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the booking. If this deposit is paid by bank transfer or other means, the booking confirmation only commits OASI to reserving the booking for five working days from the date of the aforesaid booking. The booking will only be definitively confirmed when the Internet User sends a copy of the bank transfer or other deposit payment to OASI by fax or email within five days. Failing this, the User will have no rights to the booking.
2.3 Once the booking has been made, OASI will send the Guest a booking confirmation by email, fax or post indicating the specifics of the booking, the total amount of the aforesaid, the amount of the deposit which has been paid by credit card, or which will be paid within three working days of the date of the aforesaid booking.

3. Beginning and end of stay
3.1 The Guest has the right to make use of the booked facilities from 16:00 on the established day of arrival.
3.2 If the facilities are requested and provided to the Guest by OASI before 6:00 in the morning, the booking will be considered as an overnight stay in all respects.
3.3 All use of the booked facilities must end by 10:00 on the day of departure.

4. Cancellation of the booking
4.1 OASI cancellation. Total and/or partial cancellation of the booking by OASI is not permitted, except for unforeseeable circumstances and/or force majeure.
4.2 Guest Cancellation. The Guest must give written notice (letter, fax or email) to OASI of any cancellation. In the event of total cancellation, the Guest will only be entitled to the refund of the deposit paid by credit card or bank transfer — net of expenses — by the accommodation service provider if the notice is given before the indicated number of days in advance of the stay start date. The refund will be made within 30 days of the cancellation by means of bank transfer.
4.3 If the cancellation occurs after this deadline or no notification is given, OASI will be entitled to withhold the entire deposit paid by credit card, bank transfer or other means. OASI also has the right to request the payment of further cancellation fees up to the total price of the facilities booked, net of the deposit paid.
4.4 Even if the Guest does not use the booked facilities, the Guest is obliged to pay OASI for them.

5. Alternative accommodation.
5.1 OASI can, for justified reasons, make alternative accommodation available to the Guest if it has the appropriate characteristics.
5.2 For example, alternative accommodation is justified if the unit has become unusable or the substitution is motivated by major management problems.

• The REQUEST FOR AVAILABILITY is not binding and does not constitute a contract for either the Client of for OASI.
• The BOOKING REQUEST constitutes an Order Form and is therefore binding on the Customer, but it is not binding on OASI; OASI retains the right not to accept the booking. The BOOKING CONFIRMATION which OASI sends to the client is binding on both parties and constitutes the completion of the booking contract.
• If a deposit is required for confirmation, or credit card details are requested, OASI will send a PROVISIONAL BOOKING CONFIRMATION; the Customer must send the amount requested within the times specified by OASI so that the provisional status is removed and a definitive booking is made. The booking becomes binding on OASI only upon receipt of a copy of the payment receipt for the requested deposit or on receipt of the credit card details with which to make the authorised withdrawal. Send a copy of the payment by email to info@oasivillaggio.com or to Fax +39 75 8748838
• At this point, OASI undertakes to send the Customer a confirmation letter and a summary Voucher to be shown at the time of check-in at OASI.
• All bookings must be reconfirmed by Fax or email accepting the establishment’s cancellation conditions.

• A deposit of 30% of the total cost of the stay on confirmation.
• The balance of the booking will have to be paid upon departure, as well as any extras.

• Bank transfer: 30% deposit or total cost of the stay payable to: OASI EUROGESTIONI sncc/o UNICREDIT BANCA Ag. Marsciano country CIN, Eur CIN, ABI, CAB, IBAN account number: IT72K0300238510 000029444050
• Postal order: 30% deposit or total cost of the stay payable to: OASI Villaggio Via marcurischio 1 06055 marsciano Pg
• Credit card only by Fax to 075.874.88.38 indicating: 1) name of the holder; 2) issuer (we accept: Visa, MasterCard, Carta Si); 3) credit card number 4); expiry date; and 5) CVC * or CVV * * CVC Card Verification Code —Mastercard, Visa, Diners: the verification code is composed of 3 figures